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As a young boy, John Wade became very interested in magic. Some might say obsessed. Magic tricks became a means of escape for him, a way to manage his insecurities, and a way to deal with his father’s death. He loved the manipulation of it. He was able to disappear and sometimes fool himself into forgetting the past or the dread of the future. One could say that magic became him. Everything he did was a trick and sometimes he didn’t even know it. There came a time when it was hard to distinguish John Wade from the magic he had become. The person that he created for himself: Sorcerer. He thrived on the performing, pretending, and manipulating of it all. Through magic he was able to imagine a different world that was very real to him. He pretended and tricked and fooled…show more content…
He was awed and a little frightened by all the angles at play.” (157). One of John Wade’s major tricks had to do with mirrors. From an early age John would practice all of his magic in this old stand-up mirror in his basement. He was absolutely fascinated with this mirror. He would picture himself behind the mirror or even inside of it. John Wade found comfort in the mirror and in the escape it provided him with. “The mirrors helped him get by. They were like a glass box in his head, a place to hide… John would slip into the box of mirrors and disappear there.” (208). In this quiet corner of his mind, he was able to create and make appear whatever he wanted to see in the mirror. “Sorcerer shut his eyes and retreated behind the mirrors in his head, pretending to be elsewhere…” (105). One cannot think simply of a mirror without thinking about the reflection: what is shown and what you see. Even so, often, one must consider the possibility that what we think or see that the mirror is reflecting is not a true, accurate depiction of reality. The reflection looks different from different angles, and there are many angles of John

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