Salem Witch Trials In The Crucible

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The Salem witch trials was a time where many emotions were contained for so long that eventually it exploded into a terrible ordeal. Everyone was supposed to be of the same religion, but once it started you questioned what they really believed in. There was plenty of weaknesses in the village that’s why all this happened, but there was also signs of courage shown by people who wanted to protect what they believed in. The truth was hard to find and most of the time it was punished. First of all was the weaknesses shown by the villagers to start all of this. The main weakness that happened to the village was people who couldn’t resist the sinful urges. Abigail couldn’t help but to love John Proctor and she couldn’t contain herself from creating a mess just to get to him. The girls that were accused of dancing were too afraid to confess to what they have done because they were weak and young. John himself was a weak character in the beginning by having slept with Abigail, but later proved to be a very dynamic character in the end. Courage was very much present in this town also. When you see your village turning into chaos you want to stand up for what you…show more content…
It was shown several times in the play but it was rarely believed. In the end most of the people who knew the truth were either trying to murder someone or was the one being sentenced to death. The only exception to this I know of is Rev. Hale who is truly a dynamic character. In the beginning he was all for the courts and how they were full of justice, but later he was very defiant towards Danforth when he was very respected official of the courts. Salem could be known as the town of deception at the time, because that is what was going on in the people trying to do right and the people trying to do wrong. Abigail was concealing the truth to be with Proctor and Hale in the end was trying to have the people lie so they could be saved even though he knew that meant not telling the
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