Examples Of False Piety In Tartuffe

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Tartuffe is a play that mocks false piety and that is who the character is embodying. Throughout the play, Tartuffe is proved a fake, and gets humiliated and punished in the end for what he is. In Act 2, Orgon and Cleante have a discussion about Tartuffe. Cleante has never met him yet just from Orgon describing him, Cleante can point out that Tartuffe is a fake. Cleante then gives a speech about true piety, and false piety. He states that when someone who is true about their faith, they do not boast about it. Cleante then goes on to say that when true piety donates to the Church they do not do it for praise, and are more discreet when doing it. However Tartuffe does the exact opposite, boasting about the donation he gave. The play is

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