Salem Witch Trials In The Crucible

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In the Puritan New England town of Salem, Massachusetts, a group of girls get bored so they ask Tituba, Reverend Parris’s slave, to entertain them and she agreed because she loves Betty so much. Betty, Abigail, and their friends went into the woods with Tituba; while dancing and casting spells they were caught by Bettys father, Reverend Parris. The girls knew they would be publicly humiliated, whipped in front of the village, if anyone was to know about them playing in the “Devils Playground”, that’s when Abigail got the bright idea to lie and turn everything around and blame the devil. Betty went into a coma-like state-so she wouldn’t get in trouble and the other girls denied all activity in the woods, except for dancing. The town caught…show more content…
There is a prodigious fear of the court in the country.” (Hale, p. 98); “Then there is a prodigious guilt in the country.. there is fear in the country because there is a moving plot to topple Christ in the country!” (Danforth, p. 98) Everyone believes they are witches and doing witchcraft on one another. If you are lying you are just as guilty; lying is wrong. Abigail and the rest of the girls were called into the courtroom; they were asked once again to confess, still denying everything the court asked Mary why she could not faint this time above all she was confronted by someone accused of witchery, “And yet, when people accused of witchery confronted you in court, you would faint, saying their spirits came out of their bodies and choked you.” (Hawthorne to Mary Warren, p. 106) Abigail knowingly faints and accused Mary of being a witch. “ I-I know not. A wind, a cold wind, has come.” (Abigail, p. 108) Mary follows her lead and turns it back around on John, she lies and accuses him of badgering her to sign the Devils book; Proctor is arrested and taken to
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