Consumerism In 1800s

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The time period that moved America from the late 1800’s to the 1900’s was a very notable moment in American history. This time period was basically a big “technological revolution” to the daily American life, due to many inventions and advances in technology. “Consumers” became an increasingly popular term due to the steadily increasing access of new inventions that the population would benefit and craze over. From the car to things like radio and television, people’s lives would change for the better. Things like radios, at the time, were a bit more accessible than more luxurious things like automobiles. The automobile was arguably the biggest and most popular invention of this time period because it was an efficient and luxurious form of transportation. The radio and television were a bit more…show more content…
When the automobile was first introduced, it was not very cheap. Sometimes referred to as a “toy for the rich,” the automobile was the next best thing to the American public and demand skyrocketed. Other minor but highly notable new inventions in the late 19th to early 20th century included things like radio, television, music records, vacuum cleaner, and even the type writer. Inventions like these were usually accessible to the public due to the fast and cheap production. This was the idea behind “consumerism” because daily life was moving from a “do-it-yourself” lifestyle to a mass produced and accessible product consumerism. Thorstein Veblen was one of the most notable person to speak out on this by introducing the term “Conspicuous Consumerism.” “Conspicuous Consumerism” is the idea that consumers buy expensive items to display wealth and income rather than to cover the real needs of the consumer. So basically, rich people waste money to show off instead of spending money on what they actually need. The idea of “Conspicuous Consumerism” is still very much alive in today’s

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