Salem Witch Trials In The Crucible

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Arthur Miller makes many plots in The Crucible and brings many characters in and out of the play.In this play, people were being accused of witchcraft just because they were acting strange. He based the story on the witch trials that started to happen and began to rise up many problems with the Puritans. During the 17th century many events were going on and mainly all were affecting religion groups. Arthur Miller was born on October 17, 1915 , before the Cold War was taking place. Many people were being accused of several things during this event which is why Arthur wrote the book during the Cold War in 1956. Miller says he chose the setting of Salem, Massachusetts because he saw that the nation was going through the same situation. People were going through accusations and many of them blamed others just to have a way to get out of the accusations being held. In the 17th century, The puritans had moved to get religious tolerance and many confusion began to happen. They had chance to not get accused of because they were against anything associated with witches even though they believed there was as much as a god as a devil Salem Witchcraft Trials. They tried to stay away from people getting accused so they wouldn’t be into anything that was going to cause them problems.…show more content…
The girls who were accused of witchcraft were checked for any medications , but they didn’t have any. People began to find it strange that the girls were seeing things and acting strange , and there was no explanation of why that was happening. One of the few explanations of the hallucinations was from a plant called Ergot. It was not common for the plant to be in Salem because it was mainly grown in wet areas which was not in Salem, Massachusetts Witchcraft or Psychedelic Trip?. There was not many other explanations of what the explanation of this supposedly witchcraft
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