Devil's Arithmetic: Film Analysis

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The book Night by Elie Weisel, and the movie Devil's Arithmetic have a lot of similarities and differences. The similarities for instance, are that they both take place during the holocaust, they both stress on the torture the jews went through during the holocaust. Both the stories also discuss that people are in denial about the holocaust. One of the more important similarity, which also foreshadows what is yet to come, is when Moishe the Beadle warns people about the terrible things he had to go through in the camps and when the Badchan was warning the jews, mostly men, that the camp is not safe. Both the stories also focus on the physical abuse that is done to the jews. One tiny similarity would be the lieas in the camp. Like Elie's lie to protect his family and Hannah's lie about her true identity. The differences in the stories would be; in the begining of Night Wiesel starts out by showing his faith in the jewish religion and his love for it; whereas in the begining of the Devil's Arithmetic, Hannah does not really care about her…show more content…
I would also understand their reasoning behind why it is that they do not believe in the holocaust. I think listening to their reasoning and then trying my best to convince them to face the reality would be the appropriate response. I think that learning about the holocaust is really important because it helps us today because we have a visual image of what it was like and that things like that could actually happen to anybody, not just the Jews. It gives us a an idea of what could happen sometime in the future and how we could be prepared for it. I feel like it just tells us more about the life in the past too. In short, learning about the past, not just the holocaust, is really important because it can impact our everyday lives and it gives us an heads up about what could happen later in future so we can be

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