Run-Personal Narrative

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I was running. The only thing I did after was run. I ran until my lungs felt like they were going to burst. What just happened? How did that happen? Why didn’t he just stop? I said no. I said no over and over. Why didn’t he listen? Why did this happen to me? Shock is hard to understand because when my friends stop me and ask what was wrong, I couldn’t help but smile as the words “I was just raped.” Came out of my mouth. Hoping that maybe smiling would lessen the impact of what just came out of my mouth. It didn’t sink in… Not yet. When I finally reach the driveway of my home I am sweaty and I feel dirty. I don’t want to go inside. I am scared. In a sudden burst of rage I punch the side of the garage. “I didn’t ask for this!” I screamed. I

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