Romeo And Juliet Comparison Essay

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Love is powerful bringing both joy and harm. Romeo and Juliet are two unlucky lovers that had to see the fearful side of love. The most important difference in the two versions of the movie is the death of Romeo and Juliet. The first difference is the appearance of Juliet’s tomb, the second is when Romeo drinks the poison, and the third is when Juliet takes her life. The first difference is Juliet’s tomb. In the 1968 version of the movie, Juliet’s tomb was simple yet elegant. She had a sheet over her and she laid on a wooden table. It seems like this is how Shakespeare wanted Juliet’s tomb to appear, even though there isn’t much description of it in the play. Juliet’s family wasn’t prepared for this funeral, so they had to make-do with the wedding supplies they had already acquired.This is why there was little decor in Juliet’s tomb.…show more content…
In the Zefirelli adaptation of the movie, Romeo professes his love to Juliet’s body, after he kills Paris. When he is finished declaring his love for Juliet, he drinks the poison without Juliet having any knowledge of the event. The older version is almost exactly the way Shakespeare presented this scene in the play. In the new version, Romeo proclaims his love for Juliet, then goes about drinking the potion. Juliet awakes, and sees Romeo drinking the poison. It gets very intense as Juliet reaches up to Romeo’s face and brushes his cheek as he collapses from the poison. The older adaption is preferable to the new version because of the large amount of time Juliet had before Romeo drank the poison. Romeo had the vile of poison in his hand, as he uttered his last words to his star-crossed lover. Juliet had such a large amount of time to stop him, but she stared up at him and watched him take his life. Juliet had plenty of time to say something...anything, before Romeo committed suicide. Because of this, the old version is better. Besides Romeo taking is life, there is one more

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