The Unicorn Tapestries: The Start Of The Hunt

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Unicorn Tapestries: During the Middle Ages, tapestries were used for decoration and warmth. They were also commonly used as a way to tell stories from daily life as well as from mythology. The Unicorn Tapestries tell the story of the fight between the unicorn and the humans who peruse it. The first tapestry, The Start of the Hunt, does not introduce us to the unicorns but rather to the hunter. In the second tapestry, The Unicorn at the Fountain, the unicorn uses his magical horn to remove the snake's venom from the water. The third tapestry, The Unicorn Leaps the Stream, is a highly charged action scene where the hunters are portrayed with ugly and cruel faces. For the fourth tapestry, The Unicorn Defends Himself, the unicorn becomes savage,…show more content…
A cloister was an important part of a medieval monastery - they were where the monks would have meditated, studied and exercised. Many times manuscripts would be written on or around the cloisters. A lot of the time the gardens or centerpieces would be open and the area surrounding would be roofed. The capitals are carved with simple plains and decorative motifs that provide strong visual support. The capitals are decorated variously with different beats, mermaids, and lions. The common theme is the theme of sin. The first depict naked dancing men, the second type feature human-animal hybrids such as sirens which were half woman half fish, and the third type features strange beasts such as humans and monkeys or roaring lions devouring men. Chapter House from Notre Dame-de-Pontaut: The chapter house was used as a daily meet place for European monasteries and convents. Monks and nuns would sit on the stone bench that was attached to the walls. The architecture features rounded arches, thick walls, small windows, and heavy rib vaults which are characteristic of the Romanesque style. To me the area was very calming because of how much open space there was. Especially with the light coming through the small windows and the gardens across from it, it seemed like a very good meeting

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