Examples Of Bravery In The Giver

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“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death , I will fear no evil; for thou art with me ; thy rod and thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Psalm 23:4. In the bible, this means God is always with you so you should be brave. In The Giver Jonas is very brave. he is chosen as Receiver Of Memory. this takes a lot of bravery. In the City Of Ember Lina and Doon have to leave there home to save there city this as well take a lot of bravery. Both Duprau and Lowry wrote stories of bravery, and they approach it in a different way. Now lets look at the theme in The Giver. The theme in The Giver is bravery and Lowry’s messages is that bravery is hard but it’s is necessary in life. Jonas ran away to make people realize it is wrong what they are doing. On page 163 it says ,”that night, Jonas was forced to flee. He left the dwelling shortly after the sky became dark and the community still.” Jonas was very braver to run away he knew it was for the best. Jones was a little worried, so he said this to boast him up. On page 85,” I’m braver I really am.” He was boasting himself up because he was a little worried but he knew it…show more content…
Doon was at the river putting the boat in the water with Lina and Poppy get ready to leave.the author words on page 236 it states “here I go Doom cried ... stepping in the boat tripped side ways under his weight.” Doon was brave to step into something he had never seen or seen someone use. his achievement was great he was getting the people out of Amber. Doon and Lina and Poppy was getting out of Ember and it was just the three of them. The books states on page 237,”the boat shot forward." It took a lot of bravery to go some place that you didn’t know if it was even there.He did achieve something though they had got out of Ember. Overall Lina , Doon and Poppy was very

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