Comparing The Battles With The Monster In Beowulf

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The battles with each monster in Beowulf. Each battle was unique, and different in their own way. There was also different battle techniques used by Beowulf in each battle, and also different trophies or souvenirs gained from each battle. The first battle in Beowulf was the battle between Beowulf and Grendel. The battle between the two fierce warriors occurs because Grendel kills king Hrothgar's men. Grendel has no reason to kill the king's men; this angers Beowulf so he then steps in. Grendel doesn't know how strong Beowulf is until the fight begins. While the battle is happening Grendel is frightened of the powerful warrior so he thinks of fleeing the scene, but Beowulf and his men do not allow him to escape. They continue to fight the powerful monster. Eventually they notice their swords do not penetrate Grendel's skin . So Beowulf rips him apart they injure Grendel to where he flees and dies in his den. They keep his shoulder, claw, and arm as trophies from the battle. Beowulf was…show more content…
If any mother lost their child they would seek revenge which is what Grendel's mother decided to do. The angered mother was no match for Beowulf's power though. The battle began at Grendel's mother's den where she noticed Beowulf. She tried to strike him with her claws, but his woven chain metal protected him. Many monster and creatures tried acting Beowulf but none of them could pierce threw his chain metal. Beowulf tried using his sword to escape from the attacking creatures but a witch casted a spell on the waters so no weapon could hurt any of them. After he got away from all the monsters Grendel's mother then got on top of the prince, and tried to stab him but his chain metal protected him once again. After that Beowulf got up and picked up a sword created by giants and struck Grendel's mother in the neck with the remaining strength he had left . She fell to the floor Beowulf had killed

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