Lesbia Says He Love Catullus

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Poem 109 – Lesbia says he loves Catullus (Iucundum, mea vita, mihi propones amorem hunc nostrum inter nos perpetuumque fore/you, my life, promise that this love of ours between us shall be agreeable and last forever). Catullus prays to the gods for this to be true and sincere (di magn, facite ut vere promittere possit, atque idsincere dicat et ex animo/great gods, arrange for her tospeak the truth, and to say this sincereThis one statement that she says will send both of them on Poem 70 – Catullus begins with a confident statement that his girl loves him and only him (Nulli se dicit mulier mea nubere malle quam mihi/ My woman says she would rather stay with no one other than me). Because she says this it makes me think that she has noticed his fancy of her and has begun her own kind of wooing. He notes that women often lie (Sed mulier cupido quod dicit amanti) and says that he ought to not brood too much on it (in vento et rapida scriber oportet aqua/ he ought to write in the wind and rapid water). He does not seem to make any notion of doing so…show more content…
In Poem 87 he is just telling himself that he didn’t deserve it, the break up. He tells himself that he had loved her more than any man has loved any woman (Nulla potest mulier tantum se dicere amatam vere quantum a me lesbian amat mea est/no woman can truthfully say she was so much loved, as my Lesbia was loved by me). That may have been an exaggeration but he did care for her very much, he did defend her when she was challenged by Flavius early in the relationship. He continues with his speech (Nulla fides ullo fuit umquam foedere tanta, quanta in amore tuo ex parte reperta mea est/no such big trust was ever kept in any commitment before as, on my side, my love for you was kept). He makes a point, he did stay faithful to her and all he expected of her was to stay faithful, too bad that didn’t work

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