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Strengths Campbell’s Soup Company (CPB) is focusing on strengthening its core businesses while diversifying the portfolio into faster-growing spaces. 1. CPB has steady sales figures over the years. Therefore, they should utilize the resources wisely, develop more new markets and cross-subsidize international expansion from the profit sanctuary of the U.S. Market, so that they will earn more profit rather than stable return. 2. Campbell’s is a well-known, established brand in the mature phase of the product life cycle, their products are sold in 120 countries around the globe which led by its flagship brands. Thus, they should try their best to increase the sales volume of their wide products by utilizing the reputation of the well-known…show more content…
1. Campbell’s brand which with new recipes and line extensions provide taste adventure. Thus, CPB should expand its margin by managing the division which is North America soup and simple meals business, and then profitably growing it. In this core, Campbell is rebuilding strength and investing in innovation to maintain the appeal and excitement for moderate growth and margin expansion. 2. The company is able to expand its markets globally. CPB can expand its international presence, particularly in emerging markets by operating segments in other countries. Hence, Campbell’s products will have potential sustained demand because of the sizable every class in communities with access to the products. 3. CPB has a golden chance to attract more customers by continuing to grow its healthy beverages and baked snacks businesses. Nowadays, people who turning to health and wellness trend are increasing, so that the healthy beverages will be well positioned. Therefore, the company should establish new division which has a diverse portfolio of packaged fresh offerings in order to attract the recent consumers who trend toward fresh and healthy

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