Pros And Cons Of Mandatory HIV Testing

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According to the article “HIV Testing in the United States”, early knowledge of knowing your HIV status can help prevent the spread of the disease. HIV testing should be mandatory, because if people know their status they would most likely try to get treatment to prevent death. The second reason is that it will help a person with privacy and confidentiality. If a person does not feel comfortable with letting everyone know their status, they do not have to share that information with anyone, because they have the freedom of privacy. The final reason for mandatory HIV testing is it allows people to adjust their behavior to prevent transmitting the disease. Dr. Redonna Chandler stated, that in 2016 “39,782 people were diagnosed with HIV in the…show more content…
People with AIDS have a higher risk of of getting sick, and their bodies are even less able to fight off infections than people with HIV (“What Are AIDS”). It is better to catch HIV in its beginning stage so one can treat the virus early, before it develops into AIDS. “Once you start treatment you have to continue to be sure the virus does not multiply out of control” (Czarnogórski). As a person who does not think HIV testing should be mandatory, her/or she may think mandatory HIV testing is forcing people to be tested. Some will argue that Mandatory HIV testing is invading people’s privacy. HIV testing violates the human rights of people living with the virus, It invades their privacy, stigmatizes the family, and testing will not result in behavioral change. Mandatory HIV testing will also drive the victims underground and complicate issues of a medical intervention. One may feel like they are being forced to get treatment or forced to care about their physical being. In summary mandatory HIV testing has no negative outcomes, knowing your status is much more powerful than it being unknown. One should be selective of the number of sexual partners and minimize the amount of HIV transferring activities, and getting tested regularly should be a

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