Penelope As An Epic Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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Penelope is an Epic Hero "We two shall surely recognize each other, for the there are things between us which only we two know and no one else has heard of.."(Penelope). Penelope her name is is meaning with faithfulness.She is married with the king of Ithaca Odysseus also she is the daughter of Icarius.Penelope only had one son with Odysseus which his name was Telemachus . and her husband went to fight in a war;and she waited for 20 years and always was faithful.Penelope is and Epic Hero because she has strength,she was brave, and she always maintain faithful. Her strength was based on how she actually waited for her husband Odysseus.Penelope had the opportunity to marry any other man o the land. however,she had a hope that Odysseus was going to return."In that catastrophe no one was dealt a heavier blow than i, who pass my days in murmuring for the best of husbands"(Odysseus). He sounded that she was happy or gratefully that her wife always staid waiting for him. She also had the strength; because she also could marry any guy she wanted but she only marry Odysseus not only because maybe she love him just because she wasn't ready to see his brother become king,…show more content…
But she only let his husband become king for a lot of reasons. the first reason is because the king of the land was Penelope's brother and maybe she dint wanted that he was going to be king that is why he marry Odysseus. and like in paragraph one says that she wasn't ready to see his brother become king besides her. But however she needed to be happy to and let the other things behind that its why she is and become brave . Eurykleia was coming to Penelope to say that Odysseus was back but she didn't believe

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