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Right Media should have advertisers classify their own ads in a more efficient and improved classification system. The Right Media algorithms delivered the right add for the right amount of revenue (highest bidder), with the new classification system it will deliver the right ad insertion in the right spot (web publishers). The new strategy will add value in the service and will permit an increase of the CPM (cost per mile) price and its market share. Right Media has conquered very rapidly a significant number of users (ad networks and websites). The number of websites and ad networks were attracted by the opportunity within its own network. Publishers could have access to more advertisers and vice-versa. The growth was been exponential, from zero to 60 billion impressions in one year and an easy initial penetration/expansion that proved the opportunity. Right Media addressed the need of maximization of ad networks with the usage of their inventories and the available spaces in publishers in a pure auction price. As they maximized and automated the transaction they also…show more content…
The new algorithm will be capable of not only maximize price (auction bidder) but also add category and target matching feature. The categories will have detailed subcategory that will include more detailed information about the ad and the targeted consumer. The system will offer a variable matrix and each variable filled will be used in the equation for setting the price. The actual difference average between a premium and a non-premium can be up to 30 times or more (taking into consideration the average low price of $ 0.60 CPM for non-premium and $ 18.00 for premium), this will permit an increment of CPM price for the non-premium inventory that will be accepted by the advertisers since their success rate will be increased by the target

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