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Many years ago in the busy city of Copenhagen lived two magicians. These magicians were in a constant feud to see who could pull off the most magnificent spectacle of illusion. The two also had tried to debunk each others tricks afterwards. The first magician was Frederick Potter. Potter grew up in a rough household. His father left him, his brother, and his mother alone after Fred’s tenth birthday. His mother struggled to provide for them both when she was working in the textile industry. She was barely able to support them, so she acquired enough money to pay for Frederick Potter to attend the International School of Stockholm to learn English. His mother passed away his second to last year at the school leaving him only a meager bank account…show more content…
He grew up in Kensington, the most expensive and luxurious part of England. He grew up with his mother and father. His mom stayed at home caring for him and four siblings. His father was a leading figure in parliament and also the main proprietor of Hogan Lovells, a law firm in based in downtown London with cases spanning the globe. Robert had everything he wanted growing up even getting an automobile when he turned eighteen. He did not have very good grades in primary or secondary school. His father was able to pull strings and get him accepted to Oxford and somehow convinced the school give him a diploma four years later. Robert constantly loved the fat that he always got what he wanted in his life but that would change in…show more content…
Leading up to performance Rob snuck backstage, what he did not know was Fred has prepared for this to happen and curated the whole display to elude the real secret from Rob. Rob had purchased a front row ticket and planned to watch the trick with much focus. During the performance, Fred did his normal routine then he brought out what would be his final trick, the infamous teleportation trick. As Rob watched he noticed a trap door open right after Fred's body had been lit by lightning, dropping Fred under the stage. Seeing the trick up close sent Rob into a furious rage. He could not piece anything together, before the show every person had been accounted for, and teleportation was impossible. What he didn't know was that the trick was the simplest ever. At the very end of the show, Rob was invited to meet Fred. When Rob met Fred, a figure came up from behind Fred, this person had the same stature and facial feature as Fred. Fred then proclaimed to Rob that he had done the Trick by shocking himself with direct current electricity that was harmless to the body, while this was happening the lookalike who was a direct replica of Fred would appear somewhere in the audience with lines rehearsed, making the trick fool proof. Rob would continue his life in anguish ashamed that he was never mentally capable of figuring out this simple

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