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The 1999 movie Talented Mr. Ripley directed by Anthony Minghella is a film adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s crime fiction novel of the same title. Both the book and movie follow Tom Ripley through Europe after he is asked by Richard (Dickie) Greenleaf’s father to convince Dickie to return home to America. The most crucial aspect of the story’s plotline is the exposition because understanding Mr. Ripley and his actions throughout the novel is not possible without a strong background knowledge of his character. Both versions of the story provide an adequate introduction, however due to the time constraint the movie is missing important information which contributes to the atmosphere presented in the book. To recreate it the director changes the events and adds a character to illustrate Tom’s personality that explains his actions later in the story. In spite of his attempts Minghella…show more content…
As previously stated in the above paragraph the movie presents that Tom hardly knows Dickie. This leaves the reader questioning why he chose to go to Europe to talk Dickie into returning to America. If the audience questions this they realize that most people would say no to Mr. Greenleaf if he randomly approached them at a party. In the book Tom lives in a lackluster house and does not have a steady job, this explains his inclination to agree to Mr. Greenleafs request . The movie shows that his job but removes Tom’s living conditions. “The smelly john down the hall that didn’t lock, that grimy room single room that looked as if it had lived in by a thousand people who had left behind their particular kind of filth.” (Highsmith 16). is how Tom describes his home. This shows he has a reason to leave America. With this knowledge, the majority, if not all, people in his position would be easily persuaded into accepting a stranger’s offer because they have nothing to

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