Huckleberry Finn Heroic Figure

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“Humans beings can be awful cruel to each other” (225). This quote is one of the many Huck says to summarize the whole book. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was written by Mark Twain in 1885 and reflects society as a whole at the time. Twain focuses on social issues and racism, while putting it into a young boy’s perspective and making the story a huge adventure with tons of problems and life lessons along the way. Through showing Huckleberry Finn’s character development, Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn suggests that Huck isn’t a heroic figure by showing Huck’s treatment of Jim, societal expectations, and Huck’s morals. To begin, Huck isn’t a heroic figure because of they way he treated Jim. Huck and Jim did become…show more content…
Jim had a hard time understanding Huck’s detailed version, so in result Huck got frustrated by Jim’s incomprehension and says, “I never see such a nigger” (83). This rude racist comment just adds to why Huck isn’t heroic at all, he’s taunting Jim with his stupidity since Jim never could get a proper education, because of his skin color. Huck sees himself as more educated and overall better than Jim because of the color of his skin, which in reality isn’t true at all and something a heroic figure would never do. Lastly, Huck’s rude behavior to Jim isn’t just in the beginning of the story, but it goes all the way to the end. Huck’s morals were slowly changing towards the end of the book when he realizes skin color doesn’t matter, but once he reunited with Tom Sawyer that act completely vanished and he became the same young careless boy he was in the beginning of the story. Jim becomes a slave again because the Duke and King sell him for the betrayal that Huck gave them, so Huck meets up with Tom and they make a plan to break out Jim from the Phelps farm so he can become a free man. When Huck is with Tom, he becomes a different person and does whatever Tom orders him to do. For example, Tom says, “It ain’t no use to try

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