Of Demetrius And Helena In A Midsummer's Night Dream By William Shakespeare

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midsummers night dream-a tale filled with twits and sweet humor. A tale in which four lovers are subjected to barriers-the athenian law. Out of the four lovers, two decide to elope. Unfortunately their plan had a massive twist, because a true lover was betrayed by her friend. Any person reading this tale would simultaneously think, which being is the cause of such agony. A person who has read this tale with a critical mind will blame puck's clumsiness for all the troubles caused. But no, Puck is not to be blamed, it is Demetrius and Helena. These are the other two lovers from the four. But Demetrius was never in love with Helena, he was in love with Hermia. Who is Hermia? She is the same lover who got betrayed by her friend Helena. There…show more content…
First, the argument by Hermia to whom she would marry. During this argument Lysander(in love with Hermia and vice-versa) states “ Demetrius, I'll avouch to it to his head, made love to Nedar's daughter, Helena.”(1.1.108-109). It clears that Demetrius was in love with Helena. Then why leave her for somebody who hates him back (Hermia). Second, love can be blinding for sure, but not to the extent you may not be aware that you are betraying your friend to somebody who avoids your sight. But yes it did block Helena's logic to such an extent. This quote proves it “ I will go tell him of fair Hermia's flight......to have his sight thither and back again” (1.1.249-254). The preceding quote obviously shows how much she loves him, and is willing to betray her friend just for Demetrius to be happy. At this point any woman would give up the pursuit of love. But my dear friends this woman is unlike any other in Athens. If a person were to valiantly face challenges to acquire his/her dream love who hated starts loving. No person would believe and would of it as mocking. This is exactly what happened in this tale. Demetrius got enchanted by Puck to love Helena. This quote says it all “ O Helen,…show more content…
People to get affected by these two lovers are Hermia, Lysander, Egues. First, Hermia- a true lover in constant argument with the Athenian law and her father just to marry Lysander. The argument is usually overweighed by the presence of Demetrius. “Relent sweet Hermia and Lysander, yield thy crazed title to my certain right.” (1.1.93-94). This was said by Demetrius trying to snatch Hermia's love when Egues (father) and Theseus (king). Second person to get affected is Lysander. When Demetrius was pursued by Helena into the forest, the whole conversation of hatred between them two was witnessed by the king of fairies-Oberon. Him feeling sorry for Helena orders puck to enchant Demetrius into loving Helena. “Stand close, this is the same Athenian. This is the woman, but not this the same man” (3.2.41-42). This was the conversation between Oberon and Puck the second time they witnessed the couples (Lysander's pursuit of Helena). Puck's reply reply that it is not the same man, shows that how puck mistook lysander as being Demetrius. lysander paid for what was meant to be paid by

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