Resilience In The Military

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Army Resilience is the ability of a Soldier to work through tough times. Each person deals with tough times or daily struggles because of our physical and or mental state. What matters most is how one handles the events or struggles and bounce back to life, building and maintaining resiliency. In fact, the most stressful about being a leader and a Soldier in the Army is to be able to take care of Soldiers. We have rules and values we must follow and live by every day in everything we do. Similarly, every day we suffer struggles and face physical and mental hardships. My stress is most about ensuring Soldiers know how to handle their mental struggles. I must start to develop hardy resilience responses to the struggles in my Soldiers. I must influence my Soldiers to believe that the struggles are challenges from which they will learn and grow. In other words, I must influence the Soldiers to believe that dealing with the struggles benefit their well-being.…show more content…
I build my resilience by completing and encouraging others to complete the daily tasks despite the stress. I do what is necessary to maintain the resilience and continue to tolerate the difficulties of a busy and long day. I know how far I can deal with my daily struggles and I know to reach my spouse, depending on the situation, to keep me on the path to resilience and well-being. I have deployed four times and right now, I am preparing myself mentally for the next deployment. I tell myself deployments are part of my job and the next deployment is going to be more interesting than the last

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