Winston Churchill's Military Accomplishments

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During the height of World War II, the people of Britain called upon a hero to help them. Winston Churchill tremendously helped Britain finish the war and progress into becoming one of the most powerful nations of the present world. Winston Churchill’s adventurous life entails of numerous military accomplishments, his artistic, courageous personality, and an illustrious political career. One notable aspect of Churchill’s life is his many military accomplishments. His military career began with an application to the Royal Military College. After his third attempt of passing the entrance exam, he applied to train for cavalry. Instead of rising through military ranks the customary way, he always attempted to find the place with the most action.…show more content…
Over a course of 48 years, Churchill produced over 500 paintings. Painting for him was an escape from the draining life of a politician. In addition to painting, Winston Churchill was an expert in orating and writing. His writing started with war correspondence while in Cuba. He had many published works and in 1953 received the Nobel Prize in Literature for his multiple works. A major factor of Churchill’s success was his character. He had physical and emotional resilience. No matter the danger, Churchill was never shy about going into battle. “He objected strongly of the mass slaughter involved in many Western Front actions, he exposed himself to danger by making excursions to the front line or into No Man's Land.”(Jenkins 2001, 301-2) All his experiences in the war zone and the pressure he was succumbed to was not without significant consequences. Winston Churchill suffered from depression or what he called the “Black Dog”. His ailing of depression was mostly kept to himself, occasionally mentioning it to his wife, Clementine Churchill. He used different methods such as writing and painting to get his mind calm and in control. He used his perseverance and mental toughness to help him lead Britain through World War

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