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The Army values “Soldiers and Army Civilians enter the Army with personal values developed in childhood and nurtured over years of personal experience. By taking an oath to serve the nation and the institution, one agrees to live and act by a new set of values—Army Values” (ADRP 6-22, Chapter 3). The Army values are loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. All of these play an important role in life and mostly in the Military. To build an organization or a work environment you need loyalty. Trusting people with your life is one of the biggest things down range. You got to be able to live knowing the person next to you will make sure things go right when you are gone for the day or if you have an important…show more content…
According to Army Study Guide military bearing is projecting a commanding presence, a professional image of authority. Military bearing is the way you appear in uniform, the way your hair looks and their motivation and pride in their appearance. “It is also the way you maintain your composure and contain your emotions at all times. Even when some might think it is necessary to speak ones thoughts, which is where military bearing comes into play and maintains the composure of the soldier himself” (Military Bearing by Jms4Sports. (n.d.). Retrieved February 1, 2015, from According to ADRP 6-22 professional bearing-fitness, courtesy and proper military appearance helps overcome situations. Fitness is an important role in the military because it builds confidence and helps military bearing because you are doing your best to improve yourself in uniform. Resilience is also an important role for military bearing. Resilience is recovering from setbacks and maintain yourself as a person. This relates to military bearing because no matter what trials you go thru in life as a soldier you don’t want it to affect you at work. Also you don’t want to show your true colors and take it out on the people you work with. “Regardless of the working conditions, a strong personal attitude helps prevail over adverse external conditions” (ADRP 6-22, Chapter 4, para 13). All of these tie into military bearing because everything you do in the army you have to be professional and control yourself at a work

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