Gustave Flaubert's A Simple Heart

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Gustave Flaubert The short story entitled A Simple Heart describes the life story of sweet girl name Felicite. She is a sweet girl, but suffers a hard life. Many people only seen her as simply a possession. However, she was not that. Despite how she was treated, she had a huge heart that just needed something to love. When her life was taking off many girls wanted to be here. They envied her. She had found love at a young age. She met Theodore. This did not last because he left her for an older women. Felicitie had a difficult life when she was young. She lost her parents at a young age. She also served many other employers, who was not always nice. She endured beatings and other strain from these employers. Most of her life, she served a…show more content…
I believe Victor thought of Felicite as his mother figure. He would bring her presents as a thanks or something anyone would do for their mom. Later on in the story both Victor and Virginie die. Victor dies of yellow fever when he was on a trip to Cuba. Both of these deaths devastated Felicitie. Those two were the closest people in her life. She used her huge heart to love these two with all she could. After their death, one of Madame Aubian’s visiting noblewomen gives her a parrot. The parrots name is Loulou. This is the next thing Felicitie pours her love and kindness into. She began caring for the bird like a child. The bird was annoying to Madame Aubin and she gave the bird to Felicitie. She trained the bird to say many things. If someone talked bad about Loulou, Felicitie would take it as a stab to the heart. This was her pride and joy. Years pass and Felicitie begins to go deaf. She would hear imaginary buzzing sounds in her head. This would cause her confusion. Later, the parrot dies and she has him sent to a taxidermist to get stuffed. This was a way for her to not lose what filled her heart with tons of joy. She couldn’t hear the parrot before it died, so it being stuffed was not much different. Felicitie

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