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atelynn Benefiel Haiti Haiti is an extremely mountainous area with beautiful sceneries. It borders the Dominican Republic and the capital of Haiti is Port au Prince. Haitian culture is dynamic and thriving, despite recent upsets such as the 2010 earthquake. It continues to recover 5 years later. Haitian culture is very different from American culture. An interesting fact about Haitian culture is that there are two official languages of Haiti: Creole and French. French is spoken mostly by the upper class. Creole however, is spoken by all residents and is more common in the lower class. Also, community is very important to Haitians. Through music, religion, and soccer Haitians get together often. The main religion in Haiti is Roman Catholicism, and most attend a weekly service. They also enjoy watching and playing soccer together. Music is another important part of their culture and in particular, the drums. “Drums are at the heart of all Haitian music.” Their culture is truly based on support and caring for each other. (Temple, 37-43) On January 12th, 2010 disaster struck Haiti at about 5 pm, an earthquake hit Haiti. “The earthquake had a measure of 7.0 magnitude on the richter…show more content…
Haiti is still recovering from the 2010 Earthquake and are dealing with a disease that is found in their water. Haiti has not made a full recovery yet. “200,000 Haitians still live in tent camps” due to the earthquake. (“5 Years After Haiti's Earthquake, Where Did The $13.5 Billion Go”) They also now have an outbreak of Cholera, an infectious disease spread by water. It causes severe diarrhea that can lead to dehydration if not treated. “Over the past four years, cholera has struck more than 720,000 Haitians and killed almost 9,000.” With current donation rates it could take up to 40 years to get cholera out of the water. Haiti is still in need of a lot of assistance. ("Haiti Photos Then and Now: 5 Years After Earthquake, Much Rebuilding

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