Blood And Ambition In Macbeth Essay

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Blood and Ambition: Loss Of A True King By asher Weller The Loss of a True King, Devastates Scotland, Strange Occurrences Abound in the Supernatural. King Duncan, found dead in Macbeth’s castle after a banquet to celebrate valour and victory in battle. The victim of foul treachery of the worst kind, our glorious King struck down by the lowest of low, not fit to be called men. Creatures who once held a position of utter trust, no longer servants but foul, monstrous, murderous, malodorous beasts. His former protectors now villains were immediately vanquished by an enraged Macbeth, his passion for his King and country so feverous that he put them immediately to the sword until no piece larger than a cubit remained of these evil doers. On…show more content…
Is our beloved Scotland safe? After the night of the King’s horrible demise we saw a change in Scotland. Starting with the two sons of King Duncan: Donalbain and Malcome, the heirs to the throne and the next true Kings of Scotland. Both Malcome and Donalbain fled from Scotland giving reason to believe they had some part in their fathers gruesome death. The Thane Of Fife On the morning of King Duncan’s horrid departure from this world, Macduff the Thane of Fife travelled to Macbeth’s castle with the grand Lennox in order to raise the King from his slumber, by royal order. The two were greeted excitedly by the Porter. They spoke warmly at the gate until Macbeth approached. Once Macbeth had arrived Macduff departed to awaken the King. Macduff proclaimed how as he set out to the castle the sky was a tinged with dark clouds, the air was thick and the winds were strong. As Macduff entered the chamber the sight was ghastly, he ran back to Macbeth and Lennox, unable to remove the image of Kind Duncan’s body. “Approach the chamber, and destroy your sight with a new Gorgon: do not bid me speak; See, and then speak yourselves.” Macduff

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