By Any Other Name, By Santha Rama Rau

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In the story, “By Any Other Name” written by Santha Rama Rau, it is about the difference between the British and the Indian culture. In the story, there are many pieces of evidence that the British culture is dominant over the Indian culture in many ways. The British creates problems for the Indians in this story by not trying to become accustomed to their religion and trying to shape the Indians to become more like the British. There is variety of ways that the British Invaded the Indians culture and dominated them. The multiple of ways that the British dominate the Indians is by the clothing, language and education. The British clothing is influenced by the American style, while the Indian clothing is not. There are a few Indians in the…show more content…
The Indians have a different way in speaking then the British and sadly considering that the Indians go to a school filled with British students they are influenced to talk in a way they wouldn’t normally talk. Now, for the British language the story says, “Oh, my dears, those are much too hard for me. Suppose we give you pretty English names.” The way that this teacher is able to change Premila and Santhas name so quickly and the Indians don’t create a fuss about it shows that the British culture has more power than the Indians over language. The Indians which in this case are Premila and Santha are much to outnumbered and dominated to actually change the fact that the teacher is changing their names and interfering with their culture of language. Now, for the Indians’ language the story says, “when I saw our car come up to the school gate, I broke away from my classmates and rushed toward it yelling, Ayah! Ayah...Premila followed more sedately, and she told me on the way home never to do that again in front of the other children.” This definitely explains that Premila gets the way how they are supposed to speak and act in front of the British. Premila understands that the British is dominating over them even in language and now they have to speak like them to not stand out or seem different. Since Premila gets the idea, she scolds Santha for not doing the right thing and now she has also changed Santha’s way on acting and speaking like how she would normally to acting and speaking more like the British. This obviously proves that the British are even dominating in language; the British culture is forcing the Indians to change how they act and
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