How Far Does Meursaults Unconformity

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how far does Meursaults unconformity to obey society’s expectations effect the way he is view in society in ‘the outsider’ by Albert Camus? Society is obligated by certain rules allowing a person to conform and obey them or to rebel and deal with societies judgmental consequences. Those who refuse to go by societies expectations seize to face a sense of immorality. Taking an action by nonconforming reveals a sense of what’s right and wrong. Though by conforming, are you being moral and does that prove the rules as right? In “The Outsider”, we meet Meursault, a character who isn’t willing to conform to society’s expectations. We also watch society disapprove of him because of his different beliefs. Camus uses Meursalt’s character to investigate the idea of rebalance against society and how far can someone go without conforming to societies norms. It’s expected of a person to show sadness, or even tears, at a funeral, especially if it is the funeral of their…show more content…
Honesty is a big part of Meursault personality. Lying is against his morals. Meursault wouldn’t even say a lie to protect someone’s feelings, or to make someone feel better. In the afterword, Camus says “Meursault, for me, is a poor and naked man in love with the sun which leaves no shadows”. The writer describes a big part of Meursault character by that quote, he describes him as a very honest character who will not lie about himself. To an extent, being truthful will get you killed. Meursault was guilty of convicting murder but in the end, got executed for not crying at his mother’s funeral. He didn’t simply get executed for murder but for refusing to lie about not believing in god and for not showing emotion towards the death of his mother. Society believes honesty is an honorable quality, but under certain circumstances. Such is the case here, where it led to Meursault’s eventual death

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