Haiti Earthquake Research Paper

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What if in just less than a minute, your whole life and everything you have known was destroyed? In Both Haiti and Japan, Earthquakes that weren’t that close to the place of damage destroyed a lot of things. In the poor city of Port Au Prince, houses and lives were destroyed. Even though both places had damage, the money should go to Haiti. This is because Haiti was Poor Nation that would struggle to repair the damage on their own and since they were poor before the earthquake, their buildings all crumbled and they didn’t have a lot of resources to build their cities sturdy in the first place. With this money they can repair and rebuild and prepare for the next earthquake. The earth is split into 4 different layers with different properties…show more content…
Based on the article, “Get The Facts”, Haiti’s earthquake lasted 20- 30 seconds whereas in Japan the Earthquake lasted 6 min.Haiti is a city that doesn’t have a lot of money, and Japan does. Also, Japan had a warning system, that told them that there was an earthquake coming. According to “Haiti Earthquake:Why So Much Damage?” “Residents of Tokyo received a minute of warning before the strong shaking hit the city thanks to Japan’s Earthquake Early warning system...early warning system prevented many deaths from the earthquake.” This was a luxury that Haiti didn’t have.Haiti’s earthquake was unexpected, which caused many deaths. Also according to the article, “ Get the facts”, the population of Haiti is 930,000 and the GDP is 8.5 Billion dollars, where in Japan the population is 1,150,000 people and their GDP is 4.9 Trillion dollars.Japan has way more money than Haiti, which can allow them to repair their own damage. To add on, According to the article, “Get The Facts,” Haiti's distance from the epicentre was 16 miles on land and had a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. In Japan the earthquake was 20 miles offshore with a 9.0 magnitude Earthquake. All of these facts show how japan was in a better financially and they could repair the damage without the extra help. Haiti is in much more need for the resources and

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