Mystic Island: Personal Narrative

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Recently, a man named Rainsford has fallen overboard off a yacht, ending up on an island in which no one seeks to find. This brave man fell off the ship after lunging forward to save his pipe as he was leaning over the rails trying to get a view on a mystic island from which he had just heard gun shots coming from. According to Rainsford, “As I imerged into the water, I fought with all my might to keep afloat and scream help towards the boat. The water from the propeller in the engine of the yacht was splashing in my face and shooting me down. Soon the yacht was beyond my sight.” Rainsford swam in the direction in which he assumed land was. Thankfully, he reached land, but he was not safe just yet. As he explored the island he came across a castle like building where he met an insane man, Zaroff, and his sidekick, Ivan.…show more content…
He then proposed the idea of hunting Rainsford, and according to Rainsford, “That was the moment I realized I wanted and needed to get off of that island as soon as possible.” Rainsford had to elude Zaroff for three whole days, and then he would be declared winner and would be able to go home. The three days begin and Rainsford is doing well hiding from Zaroff, only seeing or hearing him from a distance once in a while. The third day comes, Zaroff does not fall for any of Rainsford’s tricks, but Ivan does, and he dies. Zaroff believes he wins and heads back to his

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