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2. Introduction This report will focus Joan of Arc and religion. Joan was canonized as a Roman Catholic Saint in 1920 on the 16th of May. Joan led armies through many battles and was burned for been a heretic. This medieval figure had a big impact on medieval society. 3. Joan of Arc Joan of Arc was born on the 6th of January 1412 in Domrémy, Bar, France into the peasant class. She was the daughter of Jacques d’Arc and an only child. Joan was illiterate but her mother taught her to have a great love for the Church. At the age of 13 Joan started to hear voices and was convinced it was God sending her a sign that she was to go on a very important mission. The voices that Joan heard told her to rid France of the English armies and to take France’s…show more content…
Joan proceeded with six men to Charles’ castle, wearing men’s clothing. Charles listened to Joan’s story and wanted to believe her, because everyone was weary after 100 years of war but he wanted to be certain. Charles made sure she was questioned thoroughly by the Church council and they said that they ‘…had found nothing in her that was not of the Catholic faith and entirely consistent with reason’ (History Alive page 120). After the Church reported back to Charles, he gave Joan the army she needed, Joan of Arc led the army into many successful battles and so she soon matured to a hero. Her dream came true when on July 17 1429 she stood next to Charles VII as he was crowned king in the Rheims Cathedral in…show more content…
Despite his loss of interest, Joan pursued to lead the French army but in May 1430 she was captured and became a prisoner of the English. She was imprisoned for eight months in Rouen. The hero Joan of Arc was living on bread and water. The English wanted to destroy the reputation of the new king of France, to do this the English tried to prove that Joan was a witch but they failed. They then attempted to determine Joan had gone against the Church by instead following the voices that she heard since she was 13. The trial against Joan lasted for roughly three months and no one defended her, but the famous, illiterate Joan of Arc stood tall. She remained fearless as she was questioned. Joan finally agreed to stop wearing men’s clothing when the English threatened that she would be burnt but she was soon tricked into wearing men’s clothing again which was all the authorities needed. On the 30th of May 1431 Joan of Arc was burnt as a heretic (Figure 2), 500 years later in 1920 Joan was recognised as a Roman Catholic Saint for leading the French army. 4. Medieval

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