Catholic Church In The Middle Ages Research Paper

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The Roman Catholic Church had an important role during the Middle Ages. The Roman Catholic Church also dominated life in the West during the Middle Ages. The Catholic Church has had power and glory since the Middle Ages.The Catholic Church was between the Medieval of Europe being supported by the kings and queens; yet the Catholic Church also had difficulties with other Islamic religions trying to override the Catholic Church. In the early Middle Ages the only religion that was approved in this time was the Catholic Church. The term Catholic would describe the entire Church. The Catholic Church was powerful and the Church had its own lands and laws. When collecting taxes, people did not have money the Church would accept gifts. Gifts that were given to the Church would say “you will have a special place in heaven”.(History of the Catholic Religion) The way the Catholic Church was able to gain power was by its wealth. The Catholic Church was able to impress the kings and rulers of Europe(History of the Catholic Religion). From birth to death, poor or rich, tall or short ; life was dominated by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church gave some leadership and structure in the Middle Ages. (Exploring The Middle Ages) The Roman Catholic Church…show more content…
The Church controlled most of all the people; the peasants would work on the Church land for free. Working for the Church was difficult at times, causing peasants not being able to work on their land for food instead working for free for the Church. The peasants would pay ten percent of what they would work for to the Church and everything given to the Church was kept in tithes barns.(History Learning Site). Stored grain given by the peasants to the Church , rats would eat the grain and could not be used anymore. The Church did not have to pay for taxes and you also had to be baptized or not you could not go to

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