Relationships In Brave New World

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Want to have a one night fling with someone you barley know? That sums up what the brave new world is all about. Our social interactions in today’s society is evolving more into those of Brave New World. It might get a little crazy so just hang onto your seats; there’s going to be talk of dating, friendships, relationships, and even sexual encounters. Hope to see you at the end of this journey. Relationships? That is just crazy talk in Brave New world; better go take your soma (Huxley). It is not ok to just sit down and discuss your feelings over someone in their society. Relationships are more than just knowing a person by name; it is about understanding them, knowing their likes and dislikes, and connecting to them emotionally. In today’s…show more content…
Brave New World does not agree with that concept. In Brave New World you learn to have sex at five years old. Brave New World it is an honor to give yourself to as many people as possible. In our society researchers followed 106 girls ages 14-18 and found that 20% of them are likely to have sexual encounters. These girls are giving in before their bodies are fully developed (Universty). There is no dating in Brave New World; you are supposed to go out with a different guy every night. You can’t get connected to them because that is against the rules (Huxley). Our society is kind of like their on this subject! In our society people go out with a different person every night, but it’s not breaking a law if you stay with one. Our society encouragers you to stay with one person; if you don’t they can call you bad names. The one topic we 100% agree with is friendships! Both societies are the same; friends are there for you when you need them. Good times or bad it doesn’t matter they are by your side. They listen to you talk and give you advice (Collingwood). Research has shown that friendships help with stress. In Brave New World they are always talking to their friends when they are going through a hard time and it help them get through the bad
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