Corruption In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World there is a lack of freedom, a corrupted way of life and leadership, and a focus on production just as it is in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. In Brave New World, Huxley writes about a society that is made of people who abide by the laws and do not think for themselves. In Orwell’s Animal Farm, he writes about a farm that has been taken over by animals who want to rule themselves, but end up not being the same as when they started. Although the books take place in two completely different time frames, they show the same effects of lack of freedoms. In Brave New World, corruption was everywhere, but the people were used to corruption and did not mind it. The scientists used electric strips on the ground to make the children “grow up…show more content…
All of the animals that were not pigs had to live by them, or they would be killed with reason. The “nine enormous dogs wearing brass-studded collars” (Orwell 48) were the enforcers of the commandments. They had lost their freedom of speech by not being able to question the pigs’ authority while the dogs were around. Previous leaders in Brave New World had it set to where there were few ways for citizens to entertain themselves outside of sex. They put a significant amount of attention on productivity. People were not allowed to take vacations “if they have any serious work to do” (Huxley 155). When clothes became stained or dirty, it was customary to buy new clothes which increases production. Napoleon enforced the production of the windmill with his dogs and by taking personal time away from the animals. He took control “with the dogs following him, to get on to the raised portion of the floor where Major had previously stood to deliver his speech” (Orwell 49). His force of production made Boxer push himself almost to death. When Boxer could not work anymore, Napoleon had him killed to make money to buy

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