Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka Style Essay

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Franz Kafka’s style in his story The Metamorphosis enhances the nightmarish quality of the work through masterful descriptions of Gregor’s thoughts. In the scene where Gregor is confronted by his family, Kafka writes, “Gregor was shocked when he heard his own voice answering, it could hardly be recognized as the voice he had before. As if from deep inside him, there was a painful and uncontrollable squeaking mixed in with it, the words could be made out at first but then there was a sort of echo which made them unclear, leaving the hearer unsure whether he had properly heard or not” (page 1, paragraph 7). This quote is an excellent example of Gregor’s blasé thoughts enhancing the overall nightmare of the piece. Kafka uses intense words like “painful” and “uncontrollable” in his description,…show more content…
The stark contrasts are very frightening because Kafka has made it clear that the occurrence is abnormal, but the character acts as if it’s just a minor cold. This is startling, and makes the audience question reality. Another instance where the author’s normal description chilled the reader to the bone was when Gregor attempts to turn over in his bed. The author writes, “However hard he threw himself onto his right, he always rolled back to where he was. He must have tried it a hundred times, shut his eyes so that he wouldn't have to look at the floundering legs, and only stopped when he began to feel a mild, dull pain there that he had never felt before."Oh, God", he thought, "what a strenuous career it is that I've chosen! Travelling day in and day out” (page 1, paragraph 3). These lines show how quickly Gregor glazes over his horrifying condition, thus adding to the nightmare of the story. Creepy stories are like serial killers; when you see a screaming one with a knife, you’re frightened, but when you see the one who looks completely normal grin, you’re absolutely terrified.

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