Substance Abuse In Brave New World

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Brave New World and 1984 have many aspects of their societies that are similar to what we experience today in the USA. Drugs, alcohol and sex are abused in both novels and in our country today. Orwell both portrays alcohol use and Huxley portrays sex and drug abuse to their most extreme forms. In 1984, alcohol is provided to the people by the government to keep the citizens dependent on the Party. In Brave New World, sex and drugs are used to keep the people emotionless as a means for control. In the USA today, we are beginning to see the effects of drugs, alcohol and sex used to the extreme. All 3 societies have a few differences but many similarities in respect to drug and alcohol use and sex. Sex in the USA today is no longer a personal…show more content…
In this society, sex is preformed for enjoyment and release. Since children are produced in a lab, sex is not to make children but it is strictly for pleasure. A child in Brave New World describes how at school she “Had Elementary Sex for the first forty minutes," Here, even children are performing sexual acts. Citizens are conditioned to believe that there is no emotion other than pleasure in the act. Because of this, strong relationships don’t exist and individuals remain loyal to the state. By creating emotionless individuals, the state has effectively eliminated any chance of rebellion or unrest among the people. Furthermore, in Brave New World, activities in the bedroom are recounted in public among friends and to just about anyone who will listen. For example, Fanny expresses her opinions to Lenina when she says, "I really do think you ought to be careful. It's such horribly bad form to go on and on like this with one man." Fanny and Lenina both acknowledge the fact that they have a small desire to stay with one man. However, they remember that the state believes “everyone belongs to everyone else”, therefore they must make an effort to not stay with the same man for too long. Through the expectations and laws of the state, their government is able to maintain complete control by making sex a mindless act and eliminating passion and suffering from everyday life. In…show more content…
At one point, Henry Foster says to Bernard, "What you need is a gramme of soma" because he seems stressed out. This is an example of how these people turn to drugs to solve their problems. Whether it is a long week of work or tough social situations, they turn to this drug to calm them down and escape their problems. Soma takes away human emotion through its 10 plus hour highs and slightly hallucinogenic effects. Soma seems to have no negative long-term health effects such as brain damage. As a result, citizens use the drug multiple times per day for a lifetime. By creating an emotionless society, the state is able to maintain complete control over the people by feeding their drug addiction. Mustapha claims that soma is “Christianity without tears.” Citizens of this society experience no lows, only highs. By creating a world with no lows, the state has created even more stability because people will use drugs to confront their problems, fears, and anxiety. On the other hand, John seeks suffering because he believes that it is part of life’s experiences. He refuses to take soma because he knows that a life with no lows is not moral and does not build character. He seeks to strengthen the spiritual aspect of his personality. He is one of the few people in Brave New World who seems to have a mind of his

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