Benjamin Franklin Core Values

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Benjamin Franklin, one of the greatest intellects, proved that through dedication and hard work, therein lies the ability to shape ones future. Behind the scenes though, Franklins father, Josiah Franklin aided in instilling core values in his son. There is no doubt that Franklin’s father, Josaiah Franklin, instilled the values of honesty and dedication, and Benjamin Franklin himself acknowledges the value of his father’s teaching in Part I of The Autobiography. “Mine convinc’d me that nothing was useful which was not honest” (Franklin, 485) Franklin stated of his father. Josiah understood that a person must maintain honesty and integrity always, if they wanted to be of good character. For example, he reprimanded Benjamin when his son Benjamin attempted to convince his friends to build a Wharf with him, with a pile of stolen stones (Franklin, 485). Josiah did not view that as child’s play, but simply a lie that would not be tolerated. In fact, Josiah strictly abided by his words. As a result, Josiah was continually “visited by leading People who consulted him for his Opinion on Affairs of the Town” (Franklin, 486). The townspeople “showed a good deal of Respect for his Judgment and Advice” (Franklin, 486) that remained…show more content…
By age eight, Benjamin was placed into grammar school with the belief that he would be a part of the Church (Franklin, 484-485). Shortly thereafter he attended a school which centralized around writing and math (Franklin 485). At the tender age of ten, Benjamin acting as an apprentice with his father. Through the opportunities created by his father, Benjamin enhanced his learning. Having this chance fueled him and gave him a “Thirst for Knowledge” (Franklin, 487) which ultimately profited the World. Josiah allowed his son to explore other trades and view other works until it was “determin’d my Father to make me a Printer” (Franklin, 487-488). Josiah put aside his desires and assisted his

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