Relationship Between Victor And Frankenstein

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In the story “Frankenstein Monster,” Mary Shelly, author. Compares her life in the book Frankenstein to Victor Frankenstein’s. Mary wrote Frankenstein the Monster as the youngest feminist to write a science fiction novel. Frankenstein, the monster created by Victor Frankenstein, a mad scientist who became obsessed with human experimenting, is only looking for someone to be his friend and to love him. Victor became so obsessed that he left his family and Elizabeth to study. Frankenstein and Victor didn’t have a close relationship at all. As soon as Victor saw what he had created he didnt want any part of it. Frankenstein then turned into a monster from Victor abandoning him. Frankenstein also wanted a bride, someone to grow together with on the north pole. He said “ ‘You must create a female for me with whom I can live in the interchange of…show more content…
The story Frankenstein the Monster is a very science fiction novel that goes on about how Victor Frankenstein creates this monster from the dead that goes crazy because Victor abandons him. Frankenstein realizes that Victor abandon him for the simple fact of being unsightly..Frankenstein had to go without Victor being around for a long time. Frankenstein learned how to read, speak and live on his own. Victor would rather have no relationship with his creation. In a sense he is the creature's father. He played God and created the creature. But when Victor saw what he had done he panicked and deserted his own creation. "I must pursue and destroy the being to whom I gave existence; then my lot on earth will be full-filled, and I may die." Frankenstein never had anyone to love him or be there for him. Frankenstein grows to understand that if he wants somebody just for him, they’ll have to be created by Victor. Frankenstein wanted a bride on the day of Victors wedding
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