Reflective Essay On Police Work

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If I am learning anything about police work from these ride alongs. It’s that the weather will dictate what people do that night and how they will commit their crimes. The Friday before was very warm so everybody was out a lot of criminal activity outside. This Friday was very cold so very little people were actually out keeping the criminal activity inside. Also NCIC the program used to run license plates and names was down for the first portion of the night. After getting to the Public Safety building I was picked up by Officer Byron and we headed over to Livingston Campus because the alarm was going off at the Livi Busch Health Center. When we go there it turns out the cleaning lady typed in the code wrong when trying to deactivate the…show more content…
However, that is a very scary situation for any officer anywhere because that turns a routine traffic stop into something else entirely. The individual was given a ticket and we headed out to another call. Another alarm had been tripped and this one was at the golf pro shop on Busch. Another unit met us there and we did a walkthrough of the building and checked it out. I was inside with the officers but, I stayed back but the front door. Nobody was in their besides us so the officers set the alarm and we headed out. After leaving the golf pro shop we went to Barr Hall to do a routine check. After the check we started to head towards the Honors College because a homeless person was found on the fourth floor by the dean and now RUPD needs to do routine checks to make sure there isn’t any more in there. While on the way another unit called dispatch and said they were at the Honors College because there was a burnt piece of paper found in the stair well and that they would be leaving to get the camera to document the area because it is considered arson. Officer Byron told the other unit that we would get the camera for them and to stay at the

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