Reflective Essay On Physical Education

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“Physical education has meant different things to different people” (Tinning, Kirk & Evans, 1993). Physical Education (PE) isn’t just a subject, a set of games or instructions. It’s not just a sport or your physical fitness. To me, PE is a complex content that can extend amongst a wide strand within a sociocultural perspective. Cliff, Wright and Clark (2009) believe Health and Physical Education (HPE) to be socially constructed. Who I am today is highly influenced by the social experiences I was given within the Health and Physical education field. My participation in sport within the PE strand was something that defined who I was growing up. I was a shy young girl, who was most capable in participating in any sport within our practical classes…show more content…
First gender, males where always chosen first. Second, ability, who was the most talented and likely to make the team win? Then there was body appearance, personality and ethnicity. Those social cues used by students and allowed by PE teachers, left each nervous individual, that stood embarrassed waiting to hear their name, wondering why they weren’t good enough to be the one chosen first. This process of differentiation overlooked our real strengths and ultimately broke our confidence. Within school’s achievement was “defined in terms of “ability” rather than, say “desire”, or aptitude, or empathy” (Evans and Davies 2006 page 14). Within my schooling life it was evident to me how the definition of achievement, ultimately decreased participation because students simply couldn’t understand why they weren’t good enough. It was made apparent why my friends started forgetting their uniform or wrote false parent letters stating that they were injured and couldn’t not participate, they never learned to become members of the social group, because they were never fully given the opportunity. The girls who loved football were labelled as too

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