19th Century Gender Roles

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There has been an enormous amount of social change from the 19th century to the 21th century which can be clearly shown from the movie “Kate and Leopold”. Technology, setting, etiquette and women’s role in society and their characteristic behaviour are few examples of changes in society. The way a woman had to behaviour and conduct herself has changed dramatically. Firstly women during the 19th century women had to look appealing, charming, not outspoken, have calming atmosphere and likeable for possible suiter for marriage; they had to be chosen by a man who would, in turn support and protect them. They would have to be very submissive, quiet and were expected to mange to the house and bear children. Unlike women in the 19th century, women in the 21th century are highly independent, assertive, carefree women who don’t need a husband to support them, not bound to marriage. Women in the 21th century are equal to men and very dominant in society, like having powerful jobs. For they were forced to stay home and look after the house and family, while the men worked in “real jobs” because women were consider as a weaker than men. For the job that Kate had which was for an advertising company it would be taboo for a woman in the 19th century.…show more content…
In the movie Kate and Leopold it shows that in the 21th century there no longer have cobble stones roads, pebbled paths and horse and carts as a way of transport, it has been replaces with busy yellow taxis and cars flying down the concrete roads and grey tall buildings. One thing that has lasted through the two eras was the Brooklyn Bridge when Leopold says “Good lord, it still stands. The world has changed all around it, but Roebling’s erection still stands! Ha, ha!” (Imdb,
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