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See the below examples for the mutuality test; The mutuality test checks the alignments between spouses to determine their bonding level? The number of ‘alignments’ over several indices measured against the ‘unalignments’ shows the level of mutuality thus conveys an understanding of a couple’s bond level. Mutuality Test Checks: Aligned – Unaligned = Bond Level (a negative bond level score indicates the couple have more non-mutual areas or unalignments hence should focus more efforts on the affected areas? Below are few examples; a) Aligned – We plan more quality time together (Mutual) Unaligned - You don’t spend much time with me (non-mutual) b) Aligned – We have a joint bank account (mutual) Unaligned – I have my own money…show more content…
Unaligned – I need to talk to you (non-mutual) d) Aligned – We share a common friends of like-minded couples (Mutual) Unaligned – She has her own friends and I have mine from school days (Non-Mutual) e) Aligned – We share the same spiritual belief in God (Mutual) Unaligned – He believes in God, I don’t or I make my own god up or rather we both have different Spiritual Beliefs (Non-Mutual) f) Aligned – We plan our recreational lives together even though we share different interests (Mutual) Unaligned – We can’t come to a compromise over the differences of our recreational lives (Non-Mutual) g) Aligned – We try so much to communicate only between ourselves when we squabble (Mutual) Unaligned – I phone up my parents and family to sort him out or put him where he belongs (Non-mutual) h) Aligned – We make it clear to our parents and families that we are one as a couple; whatever affects her affects me vice versa (Mutual) Unaligned – He wants to separate me from my parents; ‘blood is thicker than water’…show more content…
(Mutual) Unaligned – I have to scream really hard because he seem so far away in Pluto (Non-mutual) l) Aligned – He understands what I don’t like and I do same; We both respect that (Mutual) Unaligned – He has to respect me first before I respect him (Non-mutual) m) Aligned – My body belongs to my spouse and his belongs to me; that was our vows anyway (Mutual) Unaligned – You don’t own me! I own my body and I can do whatever I like with it (Non-mutual) n) Aligned – We share domestic responsibilities towards our children and the home (Mutual) Unaligned – We row every time over domestic responsibilities in all respect (Non-Mutual) o) Aligned – We have the same bedroom and share common bed

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