Some Like It Hot Film Analysis

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American films, as one of the greatest parts of the world motion picture production, cannot be completely understood without mentioning their historical, cultural, generic and social contexts. Hollywood movies have become not only the source of recreation and money, but also the idiomatic reflection of each particular era from the Golden Age till the modern Hollywood. In order to illustrate the connection between movies and their various contexts, the author will observe the most significant features of the 1950s in Hollywood and the social context in the movie Some Like it Hot (1959). The 50s in Hollywood are considered to be one of the significant periods of the American movie industry. Being satiated of black and white movies full of depressive dark shades, which were mostly symbolizing horrors of the Second World War and national voltage, the audience wished for the new era of bright colours, entertainment and positive atmosphere in films. The genre of film noir was replaced by the vivid and resilient musicals with…show more content…
Its release turned into one of the first steps of the Code abolition and laid the foundation of the new approach to the movie industry [1]. Furthermore, the film was made apart from the studio system which was dominant in the 50s in Hollywood, and required film directors to follow the set of strict rules in movie production and distribution. The new model, the package-unit system, started replacing gradually the outdated studio one, opening the new era in the development of American films. After the establishment of the package-unit system no critics could blame Wilder in immorality of his movie, on the contrary, Some Like It Hot has become literally immortal motion picture acclaimed as the funniest film in the “AFI’s 100 Years...100 Laughs”, the top 100 of comedies in American cinema

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