Reflection Of Embracing Change

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Introduction In a VUCA world it’s imperative for the transformative leader to be able to deal with the changes that are happening. A transformative leader must embrace change and be prepared to meet these changes. This course has made me recognize how important it is for me to be more actively involved in what is occurring concerning the educational arena. This reflection will look at my reactions, lessons learned and personal development as an educational leader. My Reactions This course was a challenge as well as a learning experience for me. As I have mentioned in my first reflection it was difficult for me especially when it comes to comprehending one of the books assigned to this course. That was an eye opener for me because it made me…show more content…
Embracing Change: - Being a transformative leader requires many characteristics and one of those is to be able to embrace change. Any educator would be a fool to assume that things will remain the same forever. These changes are occurring in the blink of an eye. As a transformative leader I have learned that in order to be effective I must embrace change. A lot of times we become so comfortable in the way how we do things and we never look for another method. I have noticed at my institution there are some senior members on staff who are very rigid and always fight against new ideas. 2. Quick to judge: -. As a teacher I am guilty of thinking that parents don’t show up at school on report card day or at PTA meeting because they are not interested. This course has taught me otherwise and therefore I must be more tolerant ad not so quick to judge. According to Shield (2012), We can make assumptions about their attitudes; we can believe we have communicated adequately; but unless we take time to listen and understand, we cannot know either their concerns or their potential to contribute to the school community. It’s important to spend time with students learning about who they are as a person, as well as, the…show more content…
Communicating with parents: - Another lesson is to change how I communicate with parents. I never once taught to ask a parent about how best it is to teach their child. This makes sense because who knows more about a child than the parent. Parental inclusion is very important because it can help bridge the gap that the school sometime faces between the child and the school. 4. Fostering Global Citizenship: - Many times we get caught up in our own problems that we don’t realize there is someone out there who is experiencing ten times what we are going through. Teaching students to care about others and the world at large is important in being a transformative leader. Shield mentioned how important as a leader to raise awareness about the various world issues that we are facing. , natural disaster including flood and famine, of economic crisis and interdependence, I believe it is important to foster this type of attitude from as early as possible. 5. Focus on the students: - As leaders being in charge of many students we tend to lose sight of wat is really important. We are busy trying to please management and Ministry of Education that we failed to identify students as individuals. Shields (2012) stated that transformative leaders must recognize the complexity and the variety of interests and personalities in each school and classroom and focus on developing people, rather than attaining test scores. To that end, relationships, and not programs, become key to successful

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