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Red Bull is an Austrian produced energy drink that was adapted from a Tai beverage called “Krating Daeng.” At the beginning Dietrich mateschitz gets inspired only by the Thai which energy drink that was sold for years .he decides only to gasify the drinks, to change the packaging and to translate it into English. The new energy drink was ready to be sold for the customers. First of all it was a disaster most of the people didn’t’ like it because it tasted like medicines. But after 3 years of endurances and difficulties Dietrich come up with the most recognized drink known now under the name of red bull brand . It becomes one of the energy drinks the most sold in more than 146 countries except in Denmark - Island Noriega etc .Chaleo…show more content…
The drink occupies the third place of the sales of soft drinks in the world. Marketing activities have contributed to its overall success. However the keys that helped red bull are in the innovative and successful marketing strategies and advertising styles . Involving the endorsement and sponsorship etc. Word of mouth was also one of the strategies used by this company to increase their sales and makes their company successful. At the beginning Dietrich refused to advertise. He used a marketing communication way and decided to focus and go straight towards students , DJS and the young persons and pay them to accommodate and use the energy drink in the parties where the drink was served . The drink begins to circulate between the young people and become one of the most energetic drinks sold in a short period . Dietrich also chose to be present and to sponsor the extreme sports events and to give samples of his drink ; he put in partnership with several sporting brands to create a connection to the extreme sport as the ski - snowboard parachuting and racing , helping the young and big sportsmen to…show more content…
Dietrich actually used those sporting events to attract and manage the attention of the customers to his drinks . It’s due to this reason that he owns a formula team and also a soccer team in Uk. Red Bull used also another clever way to enter the market in launching it ; they used some funny cars in their edge of attractive girls also called the wings team ; where these messengers passes by different companies , fitness gyms etc ; looking for people who are in a strong need to drink it .it actually serves to create fame without publicity . According to George Lewi a specialist in marketing " the strength of the brand it is the capacity to be passed on by mouths in

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