Hirdaramani Case Study

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INTRODUCTION Introduction to the Company The Hirdaramani legacy began in 1890 when Parmanand Hirdaramani set up the first Hirdaramani retail store in Fort, Colombo. He made a name for himself in the early 1900s by introducing the concept of same-day tailoring to passengers of cruise liners that docked at the Colombo Harbour. The innovative Hirdaramani spirit took flight, emerging from these small beginnings to steadily become the one-stop manufacturing hub and diversified group that it is today. From their beginning as a single retail store in the heart of Colombo’s commercial district, the Hirdaramani Group has diversified in recent years to encompass the apparel, leisure, power, information technology and retail industries, stamping the respected…show more content…
This additional effort done by the company is just because to manage with the damages that they could experience with the process and also to deal with the sample requirement as well. Although the company management policy is so, still the company is producing more garments which is known as “Good Garments” which are additional for the requirement. Adding more good garments is not a problem for the company where it is good to cut more as s safety procedure to deal with damages. But the issue is high cost experienced with these good garments. Issue of good garments Although Hirdaramani Pvt. Limited, Kahathuduwa deals with large number of buyers still the company gets order in same style from the same buyer what they have previously finished and sent. Following are some examples (Table 2 & Table 3), for the styles that has been repeatedly demanded by the buyer from the company in past six

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