Emily Dickerson's I M Nobody ! Who Are You?

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What does it mean, morally, to have a name known by the masses, to be somebody? Using a unique, out-of-order style, the poem I'm Nobody! Who Are You? was authored by Emily Dickerson which discusses the interpretation behind being "somebody" versus being "nobody." I concur with Dickerson's poem that it is premium to be "nobody" rather than "somebody." Predominately, by looking at the poem's title, Dickerson's meaning of "nobody" can easily be misinterpreted as an insult or mockery toward the unknown but by dissecting the piece, a deeper meaning can be revealed. In Lines Three and Four, Dickerson quotes "Then there's a pair of us! Don't tell! They'd advertise - you know! This quote expresses that there is more than one "nobody," making a "pair" of people that are not widely known in the general public. She then says not to broadcast this state of humbleness because the "somebody" crowd will do everything within their ability to discourage the "nobody" multitude, causing them to loose their sense of seclusion. Therefore, being someone of significance means that any type of information about you can be efficiently circulated as well as fabricated in the general public.…show more content…
Dickerson says in Line Five "How dreary--to be--somebody!" By ending in an explanation mark, it is made known that Dickerson, in her lifetime, cherished and found comfort in being an unimportant person in her community. The author also declares that to be someone of significance is dull, bleak, and lifeless because there is no sole purpose to be pursued. However, as "nobody," an individual can live the extent of their lives with liberty and freedom from untold obligations to

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