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In the short story Life is a Smorgasbord, Dan Lewis reminiscence about his Aunt Elaine’s Fiftieth birthday party. He wasn’t to excited about going because he predicted that the rambunctious group called his family would get together and perform as a subpar band that would eventually get around to playing Yellow bird. But the actually highlight of the night for him was going to the buffet and how the buffet could be an overwhelming, to have so many options and not to now exactly what you want. Dan decided to taste a little bit of everything, thinking he would gain a general satisfaction from getting a piece of all the buffet had to offer. In all actually he left feeling more discontent than his originally idea that he thought would lead the…show more content…
Where in high school you met people who seem to just marvel at particular sports and then began excelling at them, these individuals would talk about how they have been playing the sport since they were 5 years old. I would get the feeling as if I was already behind and was trying to make up for lost time. : Like well I should have gotten a jump on this like 3 years ago if ever plan on catching up to this person’s skills. The other times I’m still trying to figure all I want to do. I would like to become a certified skydiver, absolutely love to sail. I actually learn one summer how to sail a small boat, it was just enough to time to know imagine what it would be like to sail a 27 ft. boat around Polynesia, then life took its course forcing me stop sailing and move back to Ohio. The more I think about it, I reminisce more and more about the time I spent in Florida for 6 months. In Florida I learn how to sail, first time going kayaking and stand up paddle boarding, learn a little bit about network administration; just enough to know how to properly screw my own router and jack up my internet access. I also learn how to ride a motorcycle; attempt being a novice car mechanic, and even ate crawfish and oyster. Now that I have moved back to Ohio I have not continued a single one of this experiences

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