Why Do Epicurus Not Fear Death

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In the time that Epicurus was laying out his way of life and sharing it with others, death was extremely controversial. Epicurus claimed that we should not fear death though. Death is frightening to people for many reasons. One being they simply do not know what to expect from death. Whether it being they fear the punishment of gods, they are afraid they did not manage to carry out everything they wanted to do in life, or they anticipate that physical pain will be brought along in the dying process. Epicurus explains we are no longer in existence when we die, therefor the nature we are in when death is upon us is not a bad one and if somehow it were to be dreadful, we wouldn't experience it because we no longer exist. To Epicurus death is something…show more content…
epicurus argues that death will come no matter what, so instead we must realize that death is nothing to us so long as we are alive, and live our lives with the intention of living a good life. its debatable what a good life actually is, but the concept of trying to live your life the best way you can is simple. if we live in fear of tomorrow, then we will lose sight of today. tomorrow will come no matter what we do. we cant live our lives acting out of fear of death, for its the ultimate end to all and will come no matter what, as epicurus explained. we must not let the fear of death dictate our lives. i believe that it is somewhat beneficial to have a desire to postpone death, or rather to have a desire to live. a dose of anxiety about what will happen in the future can encourage individuals to form a desire to do the right things that will carry on, but to dread things that will occur in the future that we will not experience, things which may never happen is unquestionably absurd. we do not know what will happen after death, but we do know that right now we are given a chance to so something with our lives and make an impact on the world. we know that we have the power to dictate ourselves to a purpose we feel passionate. thus the desire to postpone death gives us the chance to use out short time on earth to live a good life. epicurus believed, Fearing an experience that no human can clarify and one that no human will ever have is hard to justify. It makes the same amount of sense to be afraid of dying as it does to be afraid of an event that will occur ten-thousand years from

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